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Comfortable hospital life started

As roughly determined a few weeks back, I’m here, in the hospital now. I’ll have the meniscus currently locking the knee trimmed, and also give the left ankle that’s kept me from even walking normally in the last 13 months some drilling.

Cool update is that I’ve negotiated successfully to include the right ankle that’s had narrower range of movement in this party. It’s like scraping off shell creatures off a boat’s bottom face to regain original performance. All these operations happen at once tomorrow.

Sad part this time is I’ll be under general anesthesia, as opposed to local one on lower body that I prefer. I enjoy hearing the instruments chatter, bones being hit, listening to my heartbeat on the monitor, and watching the live stream of endoscope with the doctor. This time, however, I wasn’t given much choice due to technical reasons such as the duration of the procedure. Just as well, I’m not one to push my ideas against what’s deemed best suited by the experienced professional that is the doctor I’m with.

I’ve had a decent career when it comes to being in hospitals, and I’m stoked to see the technological advancements that have taken place over the years. I’m on my PC now, connected to the Internet via my smartphone on tethering, which would totally provide enough infrastructure for some lines of business. Some hospitals, as I would guess, should have WiFi connections as well, making it a more comfortable environment than average nomad offices in that balanced diet is a given, and without any effort from you.

However, physical limitations apply to businesses involving physical goods. I was expecting a week in here initially, which turns out to be about 2-3 weeks due to the amount of work getting done on my legs. So for that period, our business involving physical transport of goods will be affected. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and I promise to make up for it by riding well and hard and based on which creating more fun products when I’m recovered.