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Triple surgery update

The surgery went well last Tuesday. The only real trouble was that I reached the 7GB limit on my cell phone on the first day of hospitalization and had to bear with the super slow internet connection after that. It was partially solved when I remembered wired LAN connection was available for the PC instead of tethering on my cell, and was completely over when the new month kicked in.

It’s been about a week since then, and I’m living in comfort without notable pain. The hospital offers big and super big serving sizes so I went for the super, though the fixed amount of all courses other than rice or bread is a bit troublesome. You can also choose between bread and rice for breakfast so I chose bread so as to avoid getting bored.

And today, the date was set for me to walk out of here, that is to be this Saturday. Less than two weeks in hospital to do three parts scattered over both legs seems quite handsome. It seems to me that, in present day Japan, the higher awareness and more knowledge in sports medicine an orthopedic hospital has, the shorter the periods of hospitalization and to stay in casts will get. This isn’t an accurate indicator, but may provide some hints if you get injured, doctor shop, and compare treatment plans.

As an athlete, however, you’d instinctively want to go further and faster. Stitches were removed today, but it was only natural that I acted in advance. Air conditioning was slightly too warm last night, which resulted in me rolling around in my sleep to lose not just the bandaid over one of the stitches but also the thread itself. I pulled the magical trick, the extreme stitch removal. I was all squirrelly in the morning, but was saved to hear that my doctor was going to remove the threads today anywise.

So, all remaining stitches, five in total, were removed to give me some more sense of freedom. Due to it being an endoscopic surgery, each part has just two small, one-stitch cuts. Not a huge operation at all. Now it’s time to hope and discover how much improvement each part will see.