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Sumo Roller fat tire on sale now

We at North Shore Products are proud to announce the release of Sumo Roller, a brand-new fat bike product from our very own MTB brand Libido Bike Co. Initial production quantity is limited at 3000 units, so hurry up and hit the shop!

The Sumo Roller features 25x12x9″ tires, whose big air volume gives you so much flotation that you can ride on the water. It’s of course decent on soft terrains like sand and snow, and the low contact pressure is ideal for reducing damage when you try to bunnyhop over your homies only to fail and end up running over them.

Equipped with drum brakes front and rear, and three speeds for ultimate comfort.

You can also choose the option to have dual brakes up front, a drum and a disc.

The frame, fork, hubs, wheels, etc. of the Sumo Roller are made of steel, which helps maintain the weight to strength ratio at a high level. Also, new materials like ultra low density polyethylene are used for some of the components.

Materials are cut to almost exact dimensions and marked pretty much accurately for assembly.

Our master welder carefully uses a 100V stick machine to put the parts together without much penetration.

Weld beads that interfere with functionality are precision machined with a hand grinder. This thick-plate fork end construction contributes to keeping the rigidity low while maintaining a high level of mass.

*The paint job is subject to change without notice to brush painting for environmental conservation.

The price for a complete bike is 515,000 yen.

Prices of heavy industry products like this come in proportion to the weight in general, but the Sumo Roller boasts an astonishing price to weight ratio at 10,000JPY/kg. This is, for instance, not much different from when you buy a full set of roller coaster from Germany for 3,000,000,000 yen. In contrast, other bikes like road racers are sometimes sold at over 100,000JPY/kg, which goes to show how rare it is to find a deal as good as what you are seeing right now.

Have a happy ride!