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April closing

We’ve been in trouble as a joke we made at the beginning of this month actually seems feasible. It may happen, so please wait for further updates on that beast.

This month is refusing to fade away without some snowstorm at the end. I was out taking in all that plus some proper mountain biking on the trails.

The bike wasn’t too out of place, but surely not suited best for steep uphills. I’d never really cared before, but weight differences really count on uphills (I know, it’s common sense). I myself am not very light, and the 50kg+ bike does an excellent job to make climbing a nightmare. My buddies helped me by pushing and pulling the bike on steep, unrideable uphills and that was great.

Sad news is, this bike can and will be made lighter. Therefore, the fabulous price to weight ratio as previously mentioned will most likely not be maintained. We are sorry.