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The Tale of the Red Rocket 1 – Inception

There was one thing that kept me busy during the last two years, a huge down time due to an ankle injury. The injury is finally getting better, which I’ll mention in separate posts. Anyway for now here is the Red Rocket, the 2-year long project. Not quite something that takes you to the moon but instead just picture a red vehicle, just like a Ferrari. Oh as for the naming you could search for a South Park story for reference, if you’d like.

Back in 2014, I was in trouble. I had gotten a Pajero, or Montero, that I purchased as the third of the same early model I’d owned. It was after about 10 non-Pajero years for me, and the decade certainly took its toll on all the surviving lynxes, let alone those scrapped or exported. I was just too innocent and had no idea about it until I got it and figured the relationship could not last very long this time even if I tried. It was not the same old wild cat that took me everywhere in Japan to attend downhill races and visit shops.

Although, this baby did take me to the western end of the mainland nonetheless.

So I started looking for the next. There were some criteria such as simple structures, capabilities on rough terrains, and a slight bit of immaculateness. Load capacity was another. My preference for simplicity would screen out most current models, but that’s fine; that way, I wouldn’t have to bring out the ultimate condition, “those not too expensive.”

And I found the one. And bought it.

Just the right amount of classical taste. She is actually a year younger than the Pajero above, and was manufactured during the last years of the rather long production period likewise. It’s a four wheel drive too, so should be great for beach days and mountain biking days.

Quite decent cargo and human load capacities too. Came with no hose, no rotating light, no affiliation indicator. Standard handling for ex-public domain vehicles.

Originally classed as “fire loading vehicle,” it’s easier to strip off equipment and fabrication than with pump or ladder trucks.

Part-time 4WD system with manual freewheels, check. single tires front and rear on 5.5″ 6-lug, check. Large wheel wells, check. Most all criteria met perfectly.

Pretty clean inside. No wonder:

Total mileage of less than 6,000km. Technically brand new!

Two years have passed since, and she’s going on 8,000km still. Half of the increment is from driving around right after purchasing, and the rest in the last month or so.

So what have I been doing for two years? Well that’s where the madness is. Welcome to the story of the Red Rocket, where originality once deemed a gift turns into a curse, and the red shoes grab your soul and keep you dancing till you drop.