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Tanatos frame updated as E-gravity bike

The Taipei Cycle Show last week was all about electric bikes, with manufacturers offering e-bikes, bike companies designing e-bikes, and users coming over to check out e-bikes. We were no exception. We are sick and tired of using actual muscles to bunnyhop on the bike, so we decided to pursue a new path. That’s how and why we are updating our flagship Tanatos frame into the world’s first e-gravity bike.

Powered by a tough and proven 18v battery, the dual conical coil type countergravity device concealed in the seat tube lets you levitate with zero effort. In the photo above the g-value is set at 0.1, which is why the bike is standing still without support. By applying any negative g-value pulse, the bike leaps off the ground.

The battery slides onto the control box, which receives wireless Bluetooth g-value input from any mobile device or your BrainDock, if you have one installed in your head already.

You can also apply g-values larger than 1, which will pull the bike downward and into the terrain.

In line with this revision, all manual Tanatos frames currently in stock are sold at special clearance price of 66,200 JPY. If you’re the old school manual type, hurry up and hit your local shop!