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Early solo Halloween over now

Last month was a quite turbulent one, as I started celebrating Halloween exactly half a year earlier than everybody else.

Though it happened while I was riding my bike, there was no serious stunt riding involved but just getting from point A to point B. How shameful. I’m really glad I came out rather fine, thanks to the kind passer-by, benevolent policemen, and truly professional ambulance peeps and hospital staff, despite the scratches, cuts, and a fractured skull that I suffered.

So that’s how my birth month started, to be followed by my driver’s license renewal this year. As they say Japanese driver’s licenses make you look two steps scarier under normal circumstances, all I figured I should do was wait till last minute.

And I finally got it taken care of last week, two days prior to the renewal deadline.

Pretty much back to this world. Good.

To those who have worried for me and those that helped me out, I just can’t thank you enough. I’m doing great now and back in the creation of weird stuff as usual, and I couldn’t have made it without you.