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LiBCo. Clicker MTB cassette hub

Here is a rear hub that goes along well with the new Tanatos frame. Since the frame features closed dropouts, typical and common hubs with fixing nuts cannot be used (you could cut open the dropouts to make it work like that, but that’s where the Mottainai spirit kicks in and we do not recommend it). This hub, however, features fixing bolts on both ends, enabling you to run it on Tanatos as well as use it on other frames with horizontal dropouts and enjoy easier wheel removal. That is, once you remove the bolts, the wheel just drops without any need to derail or cut the chain.

Update: In addition to the 11T 1-piece cog, we now offer the 2-piece driver version to accommodate 12+ teeth sprockets. For street riding (i.e. if to be put on our Tanatos frames) we would recommend 11T, but the larger cog version brings a lot more options for those who ride single speeds in the mountains and so forth.

Update 2: For 2-piece cogs, you can now choose any number of teeth from 11 to 16.

Currently we do not offer any complete wheel kit but just the hub.


  • Single-speed hub for MTB
  • 11T 1-pc cog/driver or your choice of 12, 13, 14, 15, 16T 2-pc cog/driver (compatible with 9-spline Shimano type cogs)
  • 32 holes
  • 24 notches
  • Weight: 409g (11T)
  • Color: Pale Green


  • 135mm wide / 10mm bolts (standard MTB spacing – actual nominal diameter of bolts is 3/8″ = 9.525mm)
  • 50mm chain line
  • Disk brake compatible

Retail Price (w/o sales tax):

  • 11T: 15,200 JPY
  • 12, 13, 14, 15, 16T: 16,800 JPY

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