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6″ bottom bracket spindle now in stock

We now have 6-inch (152mm+) long bottom bracket spindles in stock. Measuring at 3/4″ (19.05mm) in diameter with the tested-and-proven 48-spline design, these shafts are basically compatible with any and all crank arms that follow the same standard, including the original and still popular Profile Racing cranks.

6" spindle kit

Coming about 1/2″ longer than regular BMX ones, this spindle is a perfect match for street/dirt MTBs, namely our very own Tanatos. As long as there is optimal engineering, 26ers always come with a wider chain line than BMX, requiring longer BB spindles to accommodate BMX-style 3-piece cranksets. If you look at the several choices of MTB-specific chromoly cranks out there, the only fundamental difference from the 20″ counterpart is the spindle length.

Now, the problem with MTB-specific 3-piece cranksets is availability, owing to smaller market size. That’s why we are making at least the spindle available, so that you can make use of those good ol’ 3/4″ BMX cranks lying around in any household.

Historically, NSP has not really been a huge fan of the 48-spline. There have been too many name brand 48’s that slip in and out easily when serviced, costing you the rotational looseness when ridden. This spindle, however, came with a warning from the factory: “installation can be a bit ch as you have to press it in.” That tight tolerance setting, so far, has felt great during installation and riding.

3/4" dia. 48-spline spindle kit

6" spindle, 70mm sleeve, washers, bolts, etc.


  • BB spindle for 3-piece chromoly cranks
  • Comes with sleeve, bolts, washers, etc


  • Diameter: 3/4″ (19.05mm)
  • Engagement standard: 48-spline
  • Length: 6″ (152mm+)
  • Recommended chain line: 45-52mm (reference value)

Retail price (w/o sales tax): 4,800 JPY