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Winter begins (or it long has)

How are you all doing on the Friday 13th?

We at NSP are doing great as usual… maybe not quite.

I myself am a street rider, for whom the terrain is always there, regardless of snow or ice on the streets, as long as your imagination is there. This year, however, I’ve mostly been riding dirt jumps and gravity type MTB parks and not so much street just yet, as I’m finally coming back from lingering injuries.

Here is what happens when you ride that way: Seasons come and go. And, all the trails in Sapporo, Akaigawa, etc closed at once for the coming winter a little over a month ago. Now I’m ever so slowly recovering from that loss, realizing that’s what proper athletes face all the time, unlike the street degenerates.

There still are news and old news to share, but I’m saving them for later. For now, I just mean to let y’all know I’m alive and kicking. Oh wait, there’s a visitor wearing a hockey mask ringing my doorbell, so I’ll go say hi. Catch up with you later.