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Kazoo leaves team

After five years spent as a Libido Bike Co. rider, Kazoo is taking a different path.

It’s a shame he is, and I have regrets about what I could have done better. Yet, for his love and abuse he has given to our products, and for sharing the potentials of our products vastly and deeply, I have nothing but gratitude. Despite injuries and other matters that held him back a bit during the period, it was truly a fantastic job he did.

He has been very inspiring about products and the joy of bike riding in general. Now that I’m riding and enjoying more dirt jumps recently than before, I can’t say I’m not influenced.

It’s a friendly split but we’ll miss him nevertheless. We wish him the best with his future bike life and upcoming projects. Don’t forget to check on future updates at his website Ripple.

Thank you so much, Kazoo!