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Three-C dirt jump train

Re-posting this article that got lost during web server reconfiguration yesterday.

As I’ve been enjoying dirt jumping more than ever, and with other locals getting better and better, we have perfect ingredients for dirt jump trains lately.

Last Sunday saw another session of this kind, with Sawada-kun on a similar bike to mine leading, me tailgating, and Takkun skillfully filming with a helmet cam. After a few trials and errors, we got this.

It may look like we could have closed in a bit more, but from my viewpoint it felt like we could bump anytime. What a thrilling and fun sesh. There are more locals I’d like to have on this train, such as our trail boss who’s got mad skills in dogfights like this. Let’s look forward to launching bigger trains and creating more chaos in the near future.

Big thanks to Takkun for filming and uploading!