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Debuted on Insta

Debuted on Insta rather recently. You’ll see more frequent updates there if you care.

It’s only my personal account so it’s not all about bikes, but well, the same can be said about this blog…

Most of my recent IG posts are about mods on my beloved Red Rocket, the ex-fire truck, because that’s what has occupied me full time lately. Whatever the ride is, bike, car or truck, it’s fun yet often time-consuming to maintain the equipment well and sometimes modify it so that it suits your needs and ideals. Sometimes you go without much maintenance for a while and come back to it later before too late to spend your love, time and effort, and that’s exactly what’s been taking place.

Now that the truck mod is mostly done, the end of the year is just around the corner. It’s been a crazy year for most of us, but I was fortunate enough to enjoy it, mostly at dirt trails and pump tracks, with great buddies. Huge thanks to everyone whom I’ve had a chance to hang out with.

Take care and I wish you happy holidays.