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Chasing new directions

There is one ultimate truth that applies to everything and anything, from science and technology to sports and arts, which is that “simple is raddest as long as the results are the same.” The shorter the code is, the better made a computer program is. A sport equipment with fewer components is much cooler than others with more. A three-piece rock band will always be regarded with bonus points. 

Turning back to that very principle, our Libido Bike Co. brand is taking a major shift in its product offerings, now with focus on new products like this: 




The snow skate. No bindings, no problem. 

Test results were pretty satisfactory as well. 



You can take it to the hills. You can shred pump tracks. There is no need for bikes no more, ever. Handlebars, tires, bearings… let’s forget that those unnecessities even existed. 

As is always the case with stuff made by us, there is zero compromise. Take a look at the interface between the upper deck and the board, the key feature in snow skate design, where our engineering finesse really shines. 

It is quality SPF wood, or as most commonly referred to as 2×4 from any old home center, which is cut, ground, drilled and then treated with extra virgin olive oil in the kitchen. The intricate curvy shape, materialized through the use of a coarse grit flapper disc on an angle grinder, is our special magical recipe that ensures the optimal flex pattern of the board. 

Products are planned to hit the stores about when all the snow melts. Stay tuned.