Product-Related Info

Recent ramp builds

Well, instead of the annual product unveiling around this time of the year that tends to cause panic and confusion for the world, we decided to introduce real stuff this year.

We started building ramps, besides selling bike goods, not long after the inception. And the last year has seen two new ramp projects from us, not expert-only kind of stuff like full-size halfpipes, but more novice-friendly ones that never bore the advanced riders, either.

First came the wall, made in the summer of 2022.

Wall rides are a staple at skate parks and also my favorite, but hardly ever novice-friendly… except this one. Anyone who knows how to ride berms can ride this. That’s all because of the design, one of a kind I’d never seen elsewhere and what I’m pretty proud of coming up with. It’s definitely harder to build than more typical designs you see everywhere because of the intricate details, like the conical cut required for the face, for one. All that headache in design and manufacture translates to the smooth, worry-free ride feel, just like any well-designed product works whether it’s a ramp, car, house, or smartphone. Makers take the pain, and users take the gain.

The wall made its debut at an event, where a number of riders from the elementary school age and up pulled their first ever wallrides!

That little success made me a bit more bold on the next project, which was a launch ramp, a super portable one for its size.

Ramps like these tend to be just made out of wood, which means hardly any portability. For this one, I wanted everything: size, portability, robustness, rigidity, and smoothness. Which led to the hybrid construction with steel, wood, FRP, and even urethane foaming. To top it off, we used water-based paints, zinc-rich paint, and rubberized paint for the final touch.

The whole concept was so experimental that I had to tell the client it may not be finished or turn out functional at all, in which case I’d give a full refund. Thanks to the client being cool with that, I worked on it and voila, it came out just as intended.

Both of these ramps belong to Rukochi Park, a BMX/MTB field that also offer riding school programs, if you’re interested in riding them.

For any questions or inquiries on our ramps, don’t hesitate to contact us. Ramps are typically all made to order, in any shape and any size you can (or can’t) imagine. Thus prices vary, but for reference, price tags for ramps as shown above will be several hundred thousand yennies respectively, including the design, materials, manufacture, and local transport. If this price doesn’t appeal to you, well, why don’t you DIY yours. It’s fun, and we can assure you there are so many cool things you can learn from building ramps. Have fun.