About Us

North Shore Products is a rider-owned bicycle company established in 2000. Hailing from Sapporo, which can be deemed as the North Shore of Japan, we are dealing in wholesale and retail of mountain and other bikes, bike parts, building ramps for bikes and skateboards, and creating bike films.

Our president is Masaki Kusahara, the sales guy, the product designer, and more importantly, and simply, a rider. A rider who has been riding downhills and slaloms at the national level, trials, touring and crosscountry on a hobby basis, and shredding street terrains as one of the pioneers in the field.

For the first three years, we were distributing Norco bikes from BC, Canada, the area known as the North Shore in the dictionary of mountain biking. They were sweet bikes coming out of the toughest breeding ground that the industry had ever seen. Good downhill bikes, cutting-edge trials and street bikes, and affordable everyday bikes.

However, as street riding became large in both the industry and us, we realized we didn’t have the dream bike for it yet. To make one, apparently, there was only one thing to do: build it on our own.

That’s when we started Libido Bike Co., our bike brand with the primary focus on street riding. At about the same time, we built ramps here and there to create a better scene. And whatever we do, the bottom line is simple – Let’s go ride, have fun, and be creative.

North Shore Products
President: KUSAHARA, Masaki
Address: 2-jo 2-chome 22-4 Kitano, Kiyota-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan 004-0862