Debuted on Insta

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Debuted on Insta rather recently. You’ll see more frequent updates there if you care. It’s only my personal account so it’s not all about bikes, but well, the same can be said about this blog… Most of my recent IG posts are about mods on my beloved Red Rocket, the ex-fire truck, because that’s what […]

Three-C dirt jump train

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Re-posting this article that got lost during web server reconfiguration yesterday. As I’ve been enjoying dirt jumping more than ever, and with other locals getting better and better, we have perfect ingredients for dirt jump trains lately. Last Sunday saw another session of this kind, with Sawada-kun on a similar bike to mine leading, me […]

To roll (bumps or jumps)

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Editor’s note: This post is all about how the word “roll” is misused in Japan in bike riding contexts such as in MTB and BMX short track riding. Hence, it would actually be totally pointless if I tried to translate the whole article to English, While “to roll” means to stay on the ground over […]